A Guide to busking in Chester

Cheshire West and Chester Council, in partnership with CH1 Chester BID, the Musicians Union, Equity, Chester Buskers Association and the Keep the Streets Live Campaign, have produced a new code of practice for Buskers and Street Performers working in Chester.

The new guidelines represent a year of consultation with the local community and other organisations. A three month trial of the new guidelines has been completed and the results of which are currently being collated.

Please email your comments or experiences to the Chester Locality Team by using the email address below: It is important to note that the new guidelines represent a cultural change in the way we manage street performance in the city. They recognise the rights of people to use public spaces for performance and entertainment, whilst adopting a framework that encourages users of these spaces to be considerate towards the people around them.

The guidelines encourage buskers, businesses and residents to consider the impact of performances in our public spaces and to react appropriately. It is a shift towards a community response, based on communication and understanding, where buskers are encouraged to work with people in the local area to create a vibrant and cultural city centre, whilst trying to minimise negative impact on surrounding businesses or people living nearby.

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